Friday, February 22, 2013

I Can't Keep A Surprise

I had to ask for a gift back.  This. 

Because I entered it in a quilt show

And as I found out, when you enter a project in a quilt show, there are submission guidelines as to how it's supposed to be presented.  Like a label.  Still have to do that.  Like a way to hang it.  Thank goodness this is a mini quilt, and L sewed two little rings to the back when she received it from me.

But it also needed a presentation bag.  Yes, a pillowcase would be acceptable, but it would be TOO big.  Plus, I wanted to surprise L as I'd had to ask for her gift back.  

And I knew EXACTLY what bag I wanted to make.  This one.  My favorite.  It's SO easy because Jeni's instructions are clear and precise.  Besides, I've made a gazillion of them now.  That's how much I love it.

But this bag had to be special.  I knew I was going to make improv wonky stars and I knew I had more than enough Halloween scraps.  I knew, because this is for my besty after all, that I was going to use black and gray, and that kitty-with-the glowing-eyes print.

Well, I can't keep surprises.  As soon as I this little wonky star block came together, I took a quick picture with the iPhone and sent it to her. 

So here it is.  Front.

And the back.

Together.  All ready for the show.

I really can't keep a surprise.  

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