Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Now that I am the blogger for our guild, ECMQG, I feel the urge to put more here.  There's still something about putting my little world out there that unsettles me.  But, as I seem to keep pushing others to come out of their comfort zones, I have to do the same.  

Today I am pulling out my Halloween fabrics (not that they were ever really "put away") to make a bag for this little mini quilt I entered in a local show, the 2013 Emerald Coast Quilt Retreat and Show

Funny, when we were "challenged" to enter a quilt, I thought nothing of it.  Other quilt-y friends, found it uncomfortable. Not that I have any aspirations about winning.  Because I don't.  I'm just thrilled to have a chance to show what I love doing with others.  Others who may not be modern quilters.  Others who sew and quilt and who LOVE fabrics and color, but are not as apt to "play" like I do.  Others who may have taken a sewing class years ago, but haven't "played" with fabric in too long of a time.  Others, like me, who don't draw or paint, but can fill that creative desire, by "playing" with fabrics.  To me, it's all just play.

The little bag I'm making for this quilt to travel to the show in is none other than Jeni Baker's lined drawstring bag.  I love it (obviously).  It's super easy.

So while it's February and the predominant colors are white (snow), gray (clouds), brown (dead grass like where I grew up in Virginia), red (Valentine's), or pink (Valentine's again) I'm going to go play with orange, and black, and purple, and chartreuse, and gray.    

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