Wednesday, March 6, 2013

C is for Chevrons and a Cat

Sunday, as much as I wanted to sew with some of the new fabric I received for my birthday, and with the tiny bit I purchased at the quilt show Friday,  I realized the fabric bomb that had exploded all over the living room and a good portion of the bedroom, needed to be organized.  I also intended to make a list of WIPs.  I'm really good about starting things.  Terrible about finishing them.  

Check in the box for cleaned up better organized.   No check for the WIP list.  No check for playing with new fabric.

BUT, I did pull out a 2+ year old WIP (random width WOF batik strips sewn, well, randomly) and began working it into something else.  

This.  Chevrons.  HST chevrons.  Imperfect HST chevrons, even with lots of starch and PRECISE (no-that's-not-really-my-thing) measuring and cutting.  

My plan is for a small-ish car quilt.  Because I live with someone, who, on road trips, keeps the air conditioner frigid.  Did I mention that same a/c is usually on high too?  And smaller is better, because whenever we travel, we're packed to the gills.

So that's my plan.  Not sure if I eliminated a WIP, but it feels good to work with my batiks again. 

And that is Bella who decided to take a stroll over to her food bowl.  Just as I pressed the shutter button.  LOVE her. 

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  1. We have two cats in our household too, they always seem to check out the things I lay out on the floor just like your cat did. One of the cats is a calicoe also. And that quilt will look very nice, I like what you created with the batik strips.