Thursday, May 23, 2013


Sometimes it's nice to make little items.  Little in size but BIG in thoughts and deeds.

These do just that.  They are my prayer flags for the To Boston with Love initiative.  My local MQG, the Emerald Coast MQG, decided to contribute to this project.  

Our flags had to be ready by May 9th in order to send them as a group effort.  As is the norm for me, I sewed late into the night before our meeting, as well as the early morning the day of our meeting.  Unlike some people I know, I work best under pressure.  Self-induced that is.

Healing.  Peace.  Love.

Mine plus the one Elle made. 

The gate to my backyard with our flags.

Probably my favorite of the four flags I made.  I could tell you about the construction, or, I could tell you about my thoughts as I created this.  However, if you sew, you can probably figure out the how-to part.  

Healing is a journey.  All of us need to, in one way or another, from many of the things that happen as we walk upon this path that is our life. 

The spiral in this healing hand is the journey.  The messy knot is the beginning of the trauma.  The irregular running stitch through the middle of the spiral are the steps - baby steps and big giant running strides - that we each must take at our own pace.  The center is the end of the journey, when we are finally at peace.  That center heart is for all of the love we've been given, have received, and given right back.

My old-soul child, my exuberant, vibrant, mercurial 10-year old, knew exactly what I was making as soon as she saw my sketch.  If she ever decides to adorn her body with a tattoo, I know it will be a healing hand. 

A close-up view of Elle's LOVe.  Paper pieced.  A little project that was frought with obstacles, none of which detract from her intentions, nor from the piece itself.

Our hearts next to each other.  Separated by distance only. 

My friend and fellow ECMQG member designed the pattern I used to make my heart, although I tweaked (because I don't follow directions!) it slightly. Kira posted her pattern here.

Two other small items I completed over the weekend.  A couple of scrappy, improv pieced blocks for another Boston project.  This one is Quilts for Boston by the Boston MQG.  I like being a small part of something larger.

I'm also thrilled that Elle decided to join me in making a block.  Hers is spectacular!  Her pattern is from an Etsy shop called Piece by Number, which you can find here.  Isn't it beautiful?

I have a yoga teacher who has instilled in me the lesson that thoughts are powerful and what you put out into the universe has ripple effects.

It pleases me to know my ripples reached Elle.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spreading a Little LOVE

It seems as though every time I spend some time perusing blogs, I find a worthwhile project.  Something else I'm compelled to add to the "to do" pile.

This is today's.

It's a request for quilt blocks 12.5' by whatever.  Requested colors are the colors of the 2013 Boston Marathon - gray, yellow, blue, white.  They have to be in Boston by May 24th.  

This is supposed to be the code for the button, but I'm not savvy enough to figure out how to make it work.  Learning curve.  
Quilts for Boston

Three weeks ago, after that horrible day and ensuing week in Boston, my guild, ECMQG, decided to join with the Vancouver MQG in making and sending little flags to Boston.  

As soon as I saw them, I thought they were very similar to the prayer flags my yoga friends hang both outside and inside spaces to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom.   

This is the To Boston with LOVE project. 

I have yet to make my flag.  Have several ideas.  Need to get busy.

However, I know people who don't let moss grow.  This flag was made by a good friend, Elle, and is on it's way to me to go with the flags from our guild.  

As frustrated as she became during construction of this little flag, I kept telling her "It's ok.  It's the intention with which it was made that counts."  I think it's beautiful.  And uplifting.  And it fits exactly what the original idea was all about - "to bring peace and love from far and wide".

Let love be your guide.  In all you do.  Namaste.