Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mailbox Goodies and Other Things

This is what was in the box on my doorstep when we arrived home Friday afternoon.  This is from my friend who I was supposed to quilt with all of those years ago before the US Navy started moving us.  And not just scraps, but unwanted yardage, a very cool Halloween t-shirt, a few Halloween baubles for BabyBird, and L's name badge and pin from her days with the Tidewater Quilters Guild.  Thank you.

Look real close, right there in the center of the picture.  See it?!!  Yes!  None other than the hard-to-find Heather Ross Goldfish in Bags!!!  Awesome.  

Where has the time gone?  Oh, I know, sewing all of those lined drawstring Trick-or-Eek! bags.  This doesn't include the ones I made and dropped off at the post office.

Realized yesterday, I hadn't made any more blocks for the QAL.  Oops!  After a day of school activities with BigP and BabyBird, I pulled out the scraps and made these last night.

I've decided I'm going to sew my rows together as I make the blocks.  It's one less step.  And, to qualify for the prizes in this QAL, I need to have at least 30 blocks for a lap size quilt, 40" x 48".

Off to sew I go.  

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