Friday, May 16, 2014


It's hard to write a blog post when your camera's missing.

Even if it wasn't missing, I think I'd still be behind.

Because, as a friend just said recently about herself "I'm just a classic overachiever."

I have that trait too.  

It gets me in trouble more times than I can count.

Because I think I can do it all.


I should know better.

Deadlines and commitments for all of those things I said I could do, or THOUGHT I could do, come calling.

Which leads to clutter, and chaos, and sleepless nights.

And creativity.  Which is how this happens in the first place.

I am either around creative women because of my ECMQG affiliation, or I'm tuned into a vast network of creative folks because of IG and Flickr.

I get pulled in by the beauty and enthusiasm of their projects that I want to participate too.  

So I sign-up and commit and create.  But I've lost my real camera.  I know there are pictures on it.  I have my iPhone, which has tons of pictures.  But I have to sync it.  Maybe I'll do that tonight, once it's all quiet.

Or maybe I won't, because I'll be sewing or playing with fabric.

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