Friday, January 3, 2014

HST Love? Maybe.

This is a little pillow top I started the first week of November as a Christmas gift.   

I'd just finished a last minute (selfish sewing!), Halloween HST pillow and I wasn't quite ready to put away the Halloween fabrics.  Besides, my VGF loves Halloween as much as I do, so receiving a Halloween pillow in December is no big deal.

I wanted to make it different than the one I'd just completed and I've always loved the medallion layout.  

With a few scraps she'd just sent me, as well as a selection of purple, orange, and black charm squares from two of Moda's Halloween lines - the Boo Crew by Sweetwater and Monster Bash from Sandy Gervais - I put this together really fast. 

Simple straight line quilting  a quarter inch apart also made this a really quick finish.  Just a couple of lines in the white bands and denser quilting within the colored bands added subtle texture.  I like how this doesn't scream Halloween.

So in the space of about a week, not one, but two HST projects finished.  

I can't say I like piecing and trimming HSTs any better, but I can say with practice, their precise lines look pretty darn awesome.  

While I'm playing catch up, I really really wish I had my sewing machine on this trip.  But if I did, I wouldn't be posting.  

Happy New Year y'all!


  1. I love HST! Both pillows are great and with practice...everything gets better! Have a great trip!

  2. It's a lovely pillow, Cindy! Though I'm not a fan of Halloween, your colors are subtle enough that, as you said, it doesn't scream Halloween. I am totally in love with the look of HSTs, but just don't do them very often. I'll have to remedy that in 2014. You did a great job with this one.

  3. I've nominated your blog for Leibster Award because you know I love reading your blog. You can find out more about the award here: I can't wait to read your answers, so be sure to let me know when you post!